Our Perfect Day on the Metro!

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Since I’ve had Greyson, I enjoy life in a new and fresh way. I work hard to make every experience one that he’ll never forget. The Metro train just opened in Santa Monica and everyone is excited and buzzing about it. We decided last minute to take advantage of LA’s newest transportation and while we were flying by the seat of our pants, we had a fantastic day!  There was something for everyone along the way. Whether you live in Los Angles or you’re just visiting, this is definitely an experience for the family, not to be missed. Here’s are some tips from our adventure…


  • If you want to hop on the train from Santa Monica, try LA Metro 17th Park & Ride. There is plenty of parking and it only costs $2.00 to park. The address is: 1610 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404. The trains arrive every 12 minutes. 



  • We got off the Expo train at 7th St/Metro Ctr. and onto the Red Line train, exiting at Civic Center/Grand Park Station. This dropped us off around the block from the Broad Museum (more on that).


  • We were all starving and we decided to go to Otium. Wow! The architecture of this restaurant is incredible. It’s how I envision my dream home. They serve brunch until 2:30pm and we ate family style and drank Bloody Marys and Red Wine. Can’t get much better!


  • There is a great patch of grass for the kids to run around in front of the restaurant. We raced and played for nearly an hour before Greyson and his friends Aidan and Sophia got ice cream from the truck in front of the restaurant and the museum. Like I said, something for everyone.


  • We somehow worked our way into the museum and the infinity room, but technically, there are two ways to do this…


  1. Learn more about reserving advance tickets. *Note: Advance general admission tickets are fully reserved through the end of June.
  2. Get in the onsite standby line for first come, first served access.


Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room, a mirror-lined chamber housing a dazzling and seemingly endless LED light display

  • Requires a separate free timed ticket which general admission ticket holders are able to reserve, pending availability, after arrival at the museum at a kiosk in the lobby. It all happens very quickly, but it’s like being transported into heaven. We loved it.


  • You have to be careful and keep a close eye, because they are very strict about the kids standing on any of the platforms or getting close to the art, which is understandable. The artwork draws you in and can even be appreciated by the youngest art enthusiasts:) It’s also not a huge museum, so you’re able to move through fairly quickly. It’s perfect.



By the time finished at the museum, it was already dinner time. We hopped back onto the train with our exhausted children, fed them fast and headed home. It was a fun day and a memory none of us will forget.



xx Alisa








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