Teaching Our Kids to Give Back


It’s never too early to instill the act of being charitable in our children. One of my closest friends, Zoë is involved with a charity called Milk + Bookies. The organization is about spreading the love of reading to those who can’t afford books while teaching our children the importance of goodwill and giving back to our community. Greyson and I recently attended their 7th Annual Milk + Bookies Story Time Celebration and he was able to decorate a donated book with stickers that was going to a child that otherwise, wouldn’t have access to reading. He’s only three, but teaching him early on that there are people that don’t have many of the necessities he often takes for granted, and having him go beyond that understanding and actually be a member of our society that gives his time, compassion and shares his heart with others, is something I feel is critical to impart to my child.

To host your own Milk + Bookies book-raiser or to learn how you can create a service learning experience for children while collecting books for your local community visit their website.


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