Teaching Our Children the Importance of Older Generations

Bette134People are living longer than ever! If you’re lucky enough to have a grandparent of your own and a great-grandparent for your child, you are one of the lucky ones.

Our older family members are often ailing and have trouble getting around like they used to. Bringing our young child around these relatives is often the small bit of joy they experience, between all of the aches and pains.

Growing up, I was raised by my mom, a single parent who at one point went to school and had a full time job. My Nana was there to help her out and I always felt like I was loved and tended to. Now that my Nana is 95 years old, she’s seen two husbands, four siblings and many of her friends pass on. She’s tired, achy and it’s hard for her to do anything strenuous. Many of her days are spent at home doing crossword puzzles and resting her body. The spunkiest I see her is when she is around Greyson. He brings her such joy and his sweet innocence and adorable ways make her heart smile. It’s like his presence heals her, if only for the moment.

The relationship between my son and his Gigi has been made a priority since he was small and he truly enjoys the time they spend together. The love Greyson shows to her and the gentleness with which he cares for her, is so important to me. Teaching him to treat older generations with respect and having him treat my Nana with the kindness and love she always showed me growing up, is the greatest gift to me and to him. It’s important for our children to appreciate the wisdom our older generations can offer. Life can get so busy and prioritizing can become hard, but it’s something that creates a softness and appreciation in our children and enhances the lives of our older, loved ones.

It’s also great training for when they have to take care of us in the future!!!

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