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I don’t know if it’s because I’m a single mom or if I just have the best time every time I do it, but going out with my girlfriends fills me up and puts me in the best mood! Enjoying a dinner and a night out with the people that know you intimately, fills the soul. It has helped me, during this transition of becoming a single mother to connect to the part of me that isn’t exhausted, nurturing, teaching, loving and putting my all into my child every day. It reminds me that I am still a woman with things to laugh and talk about other than my child, who obviously is my life and priority in each day. In treating myself kindly (at least occasionally), I’m giving myself a reboot, which only benefits Greyson.

I think there is a stigma in our society (I can admit, I’ve been guilty of it), that doesn’t allow women to explore their identity, outside of being a mother. If you talk about doing anything for yourself, there are the shamers who say, “go home and be a mother.” What about when your child is sleeping or at school? Shouldn’t we be able to nurture our own souls?

In my experience, my mom friends have been the ones who I’ve laughed with, cried with and related to. Let’s support one another, and try not to judge. We’re all just doing the best we can and deserve to let our hair down once in a while.


  • If you plan on having a drink, call an uber. You can enjoy a drink or two, stress free. If you don’t have access to Uber or don’t want to spend the $$$, have your husband or a friend drive you.
  • Pick a fun restaurant with a good energy. For a lot of us, this is the only time aside from maybe a date night (for those that are married) that we’re out. Try the new “it” restaurant or hot spot.
  • Look your best self. When you look good, you feel good. Something that always makes me feel like I’m glowing from the inside out is a spray tan. My favorite is Portofino in Beverly Hills, but you can find a local salon anywhere.

Portofino Beverly Hills


  • A lot of times, when I go out with friends, I have a minimal amount of time to get ready. I usually go for an all black look and maybe a pop of red lip to make me feel a little sexy. My friends and I love this one from Hourglass!

           HOURGLASS Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick – Icon



  • The older we get, the harder recovery, (even from a drink or two), becomes. See if you can have someone cover for you an extra hour or two in the morning. Maybe arrange something ahead of time with your husband or if you’re single, have a grandparent or friend stop by in the morning to help out. You’ll thank me for this one, haha.




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