Doing Disneyland Right!


Who doesn’t love a trip to Disneyland? Getting to experience the happiest place on earth through the eyes of your child is truly magical. Having said that, a trip to Disneyland can require a lot of planning and knowing your way around. Here are some easy ways to ensure the most enjoyable Disneyland visit ever! Trust me, I’ve done the leg work:) Enjoy!

  1. WHEN TO GO: It’s genius! Before you choose a date to go to Disneyland, make sure to visit this site. Type in “Disneyland” and click on “Crowd Tracker” and it will tell you if the date you plan on going is “packed,” “alright,” or a “ghost town.”
  2. FOOD & SNACKS: The night before, prepare snacks (fruit, bars, water) and lunch, salads for adults and sandwiches for kids. Easy, fast, healthy and cost-effective all rolled into one! At least for one of your meals at the park. Bring water bottles to save money and stay hydrated.
  3. NAVIGATING THE PARK: Once you get to the park, ask which rides offer the FAST PASS. They will give you a return time so you can come back then and go to straight to the front of the line. In the meantime, you can wait in the lines that don’t offer the option and hit double the amount of rides with half the wait time. Genius!
  4. PACKING: Make sure you pack layers if it’s in the winter and a hat and sunscreen for those hot days. Bring a washcloth and pajamas. Most visits to Disneyland go past kiddos’ bedtime and they will no doubt fall asleep in the car. Have them cleaned up and pajama-ready for the transfer once you get home. Also, don’t forget LOTS of wipes. Everything is sticky and germy. You’ll use them every five seconds.
  5. PARKING: This is my favorite discovery! Park at the Grand Californian Hotel. It puts you directly into Californian Adventure. No lugging strollers onto trams, no long walks. It’s a little pricey, ($100 for valet/$58 for the lot directly across the street), but you can put the money you’ve saved from buying park food, towards your parking. It’s worth every penny!
  6. CHARACTER BREAKFAST: Your kids will love this buffet and they’ll get to meet some of their favorite Disney characters in-person! Reservations book up fast so call up to 60 days prior to your visit to reserve your space. Trust me, photos and memories you’ll have forever.
  7. Many of my mommy friends have asked, so I can’t stress this enough… BRING A STROLLER!!! Disneyland is massive and exciting and overwhelming for a little one. Better and safer to keep them in their stroller as you navigate from ride to ride. There is plenty of stroller parking and its a great place to keep your extra clothes, snacks, etc.
  8. BEST RIDES FOR TODDLERS: Believe it or not there a number of rides at Disneyland that are in the dark and can be scary for a little one. Here are some of Greyson’s favorites… DUMBO, IT’S A SMALL WORLD, STORY BOOK LAND CANAL BOATS, AUTOPIA, TEA CUPS, the area of MICKEY’S TOON TOWN and BUZZ LIGHTYEAR ASTRO BLASTERS.

A few go-to’s for our Disneyland trips:

3 Sprouts Lunch Bag Bendable, moveable and you can shove it at the bottom of the stroller. Plus, it’s cool!


Water Wipes You’ll be using them all day.


Nike Flex Sneaker  Your kids need to be comfortable.


California Baby Sunscreen Stick– So easy to apply!


Have fun Mamas!

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