Best Gift You’ll Ever Give or Get… No joke!



Whether you’re buying this for your child or gifting it to another, this kit is the bomb! The Koala Crate is for ages 3-4 and they have crates for older kids as well. Basically, each month a box is sent to your home that includes various materials and activities that introduce new concepts to your preschooler. It is the perfect way to explore learning with your child. When Greyson sees that the Koala Crate has arrived at our door, he gets excited and wants to open it right away. This is the perfect way to get your little one enthusiastic about learning new things and trying something different. It’s also a creative way to spend quality time together. One of the best gifts we have ever received.

A single crate is $19.95 + shipping

Every 3 months is $60

Every 6 months is $110

12 months for $205


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